Tech It Up Ministry

Tech I.T. Up is a technology education program designed for children. It seeks to provide exposure to informational technologies with a hands-on approach in a fun and uplifting environment. We provide the tools and resources to explore concepts in reverse engineering that gain knowledge of how and why technology exists and works. By utilizing muscle memory, clear goals with proper guidance, and a constant reference to the great Creator, we hope to instill talents and skills that they can develop for a lifetime.

To break it down even further, some of you may have noticed that Technology, or “TECH” is an acronym in our name.   That was on purpose, as many things in God’s plan are.  T is for teaching, our primary goal, which is what we hope to do well, E is for education which is what we hope to allow them to capitalize, on and provide them to sell, C is for creativity, which is what we hope to foster and instill, and H is for helping hands, which is what this world needs more of until…His return.

  • Ages 7 to 17 for initial workshops, others possible,
  • 6-week course, each class is 2 hours on Fri night, Saturday and Sunday afternoon or Summer Camp.
  • Volunteers to help with the class and need not have any technical training.
  • The ideal workshop size is 8 to 10 students
  • Course Cost: $100 per student for the course and transportation cost away from Grand Junction, CO. Churches may add a fee to generate ministry funds
  • Needs:
    • Locations for workshops
    • Donated Equipment Events (Similar PCs are helpful, monitors, and more)
    • Volunteers for workshops and in between
    • Funding (one-time gifts and scholarships)
  • Ideal equipment donations, 10 or more matching or similar PCs with monitors.
  • We remove old data and or remove the hard drives

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Tech It Up Maker Workshop

Tech It Up Maker is a short course designed to introduce coding and making things with computers in a 10-hour, multiday day workshop, typically Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon. Students aged 7-17 use laptops and a Chrome Browser to program a Piper Maker Kit or Raspberry Pi Kit. This is a hands-on, learn-by-doing experience in an uplifting and encouraging environment.

What is needed? A space to set up 8 workstations, often 2 students per 8 ft table. Some light refreshments and 8 kids between the ages of 7 and 17. We supply the laptops, maker kits, and instruction/coaching.

Cost? $50.00 per student and Tech It Up staff transportation cost covered by the sponsoring organization.

When? It is best to plan 6 or more weeks out to allow for spreading the word and for parents to schedule the children.

What are the learning outcomes? Hand and eye coordination. Learning from others and by doing. A basic understanding of computer coding. How coding can lead to making things work. Learning about technology in a safe and encouraging environment. Teamwork and communication skills.

All staff are trained in “Safe Spaces” and have completed a background check.

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